Italian Mandolin Music

New York Strolling Violins

Are you looking for a superb violinist? is a perfect location to discover highly talented New York musicians and live violin music. Our musicians proudly celebrate the noble art of serenade. Serenade is an age old tradition using music to signify the romantic ideal. Distinctive classic music is our passion and we believe in traditional style and sophistication. Remember when music had great lyrics and beautiful melodies? Is this the music you care about? If your household was filled with wonderful music, if you were nurtured in the joy of song, join us to celebrate the romance of beautiful music.

  • Who are the most important people in your life?
  • Have you looked for something special for your parents or grandparents?
  • Do you want something that speaks to the heart of each generation in your family?
  • Are you planning a small dinner party with an intimate feel?
  • Have you looked for the perfect live music?

A phone call is preferred because we like to pay personal attention to details. Let's talk and arrange everything for you. Call Eric at 718 442 0783 or e-mail with your contact number and when you are available.

Italian Mandolin Music

Are you looking for Italian mandolin music? From our Italian family to yours: Celebrate with Bella Mandolins! We have musicians who sing traditional Italian American songs, and play mandolin with guitar. We are versatile entertainers with over 35 years working experience! We specialize in live entertainment perfectly right for your family's special occasion. Classic songs and traditional favorites are our specialty!

  • Listen to the presentation, quality, and sophisticated style of our violin and mandolin samples.
  • Looking for a mandolin player who sings in Italian? Call 718 442 0783.
  • Would you like live music and classic DJ sound for a small party? Call 718 442 0783 or email

Dates are limited. Be sure to reserve your date and get this exclusive entertainment now!


Bella Mandolins

Charming memorable live Italian mandolin music. Listen to our samples here.

You can reach us at

718 442 0783

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Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins
Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins
Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins
Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins