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Are you looking for a strolling violinist? is a perfect location to discover highly talented New York strolling musicians and live strolling violin music. Strolling musicians celebrate the noble art of serenade. Serenade is an age old tradition using music to signify the romantic ideal. As you listen to live violin music performed by an outstanding New York strolling musician, the serenade of our violinist invites you to celebrate the romance of beautiful music.

  • Are you romantic?
  • Do you celebrate being alive, being in love, being together, having each other?
  • Is this the best time of your life?
  • You can use dedicated live violin music as a way to express how you feel or just simply as a beautiful way to express the moment.

A strolling violin serenade is a timeless romantic gift meant to be shared.

Our superb New York strolling musicians have a uniquely personal style that delivers a romantic message in so many graceful ways with elegant music.

Serenade, brilliant serenade, beautiful, passionate, inspiring, playful, exotic, soulful, sensual, sublime or serene, is the craft and signature of Violinatta, New York’s finest romantic violins.

  • Listen to the presentation, quality, and sophisticated style of our violin and mandolin samples.
  • Hire our outstanding New York musicians!

Dates are limited. Be sure to reserve your date and get this exclusive entertainment now!

Experience the art of serenade! Share the experience with the ones you love!

Bella Mandolins

Charming memorable live Italian mandolin music. Listen to our samples here.

You can reach us at

718 442 0783

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Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins
Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins
Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins
Celebrate Italian Style Bella Mandolins