Italian Mandolin Music

Violinatta is a New York based office providing musicians who specialize in entertainment with stringed instruments.

We are the home of Violinatta musicians. We are also the home of Bella Mandolins and Bella Boy entertainers. To achieve the maximum effect, a colorful combination of singing and live instrumental music, our coordinated groups of professional musicians work in pairs or teams. Outstanding solo performers are also available. With over thirtty years of experience, our musicians have performed at concert halls, hotels, catering facilities, fine restaurants, convention centers, museums, galleries, boat cruises, outdoor events, set locations, corporate headquarters, and health care facilities. We serve the New York and New Jersey greater metropolitan area. Call 718 442 0783.

If you are looking for just a single instrument, duo, small group, or a band, please our call our representative Eric at 718 442 0783. We offer high quality at reasonable prices.

Let us help you find the right professional musicians for your needs. Use our network of professional musicians. Inquire about classical ensembles, single performers, bands, or unique instrumentalists. Call 718 442 0783 or e-mail

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